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Guardians and Pirates once again bringing up the rear in spending

Morning news and notes for Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2021

Pittsburgh Pirates v Cleveland Indians Photo by: 2020 George Kubas/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Ben Clemens at FanGraphs analyzed 2022 payrolls yesterday. You already know where this is going. The Guardians once again have not spent much money, and as a result are hangin’ out with the lowly Pirates in the charts found herein.

Really important stuff

A mystery candidate (Matt Lyons, since nobody else wants it) could be interviewing for a job with the Mets.

• Shappy isn’t treating Jays fans to food as good as the free agents he’s been signing.

• The BBWAA gave Tim Kurkjian an award.

Getting even less relevant to the Guardians

• Washington footballer Jonathan Allen is going to donate $3 million to the community.

• Football owner Stephen Ross, one of the richest Americans, claimed $2B in losses. Ok, this one is actually very relevant to the Guardians.

• Another billionaire had some stolen art but gave the art back. How nice of him.

• Pat Cummins is some kind of good at the sports. This is a cricket blog, remember?