2022 Guardians Top 100+ prospects: 65-75

This is part 3 of my Guardians Top 100+ prospects list, here are part 1 and 2:

I'll post more detailed profiles in the comments:

75. SS Yordys Valdes

74. RHP Kevin Kelly

73. RHP Juan Mota

72. RHP Aaron Pinto

71. RHP Robert Broom

70. RHP Franco Aleman

69. RHP Nic Enright

68. LHP Tim Herrin

67. LHP Jaime Arias-Bautista

66. OF Micah Pries

65. RHP Jerson Ramirez

This list consists of mostly upper minors RP depth with a decent chance to become middle relief options or up and down bullpen depth. Plus two position players, Valdes is a disappointing young athlete pedigree and Pries an old/level performer, but with tools. Ranking still doesn't matter much within this group (or the next 10 or so).

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