pezzicle's mostly reasonable and possible but kinda wishful thinking offseason plan

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I’m tendering the following; anyone not listed is not getting tendered a contract

  • Austin Hedges – $3.8 million

  • Amed Rosario – $5.0 million

  • Franmil Reyes – $4.4 million

  • Shane Bieber – $4.8 million

  • Cal Quantrill – $2.8 million

  • José Ramírez: $12 million

I’m also seriously attempting to extend Ramirez. He is going to be playing his age 29 season, and he is also under contract for his age 30 season. He loses a bit of negotiation power there. Yelich feels like a good comp in the sense that he was 28 and had 2 years left on his contract. He was on a 2/26M and they tacked on 7 years. He was two years younger than Ramirez, so I am going to tack on 5 years instead. I also think Semien is a good comp. similar age, but not as good nor as long of a track record, but still a very good player. FG is projecting him to a 4/100M or so. I want Ramirez for 29 thru 35. I’d offer him a 7/160M. I’d restructure the entire deal so that he was just making ~23M a year each year. Is this enough? No idea. But it is what I’d offer him.

For the purpose of this exercise, I’m going to assume they DO NOT extend him.

Right now, my roster looks like this:

Pitching (18):

Bieber, Civale, McKenzie, Quantrill, Plesac, Morgan, Morris, Pilkington, Cantillo

Clase, Karinchak, Sandlin, Hentges, Gose, Mejia, Stephan, Pinto, Vargas

1. I’m adding Morris, Pilkington and Cantillo to the 40 man as SP options, to get us to 9

2. I’m adding Pinto because he seems like the best RP we have that needs to get added. You could keep one of Garza, Hill, Nelson, whatever if you are so inclined.

3. I am assuming that Mejia gets another option, so that is why I am giving him rope. I could see that rope being given to Allen instead, but I went with Mejia. Moss could be given it as well if they want to go with a guy like him, and he has options. Hard to say, but that spot could be any one of those three imo. I’m only keeping one

4. I’m not tendering Wittgren a contract at that price, and I’m DFAing Young, Garza, Hill and Nelson. I’d be interested in retaining them if they pass through waivers for depth.

5. You could make a case for addition of Adam Scott to the team, but I am leaving them off as I have position players I think are more valuable.

Position (18):

Hedges, Lavastida

Arias, Bradley, Gimenez, Jones, Ramirez, Rosario, Noel, Freeman, Rocchio, Palacios

Straw, Reyes, Naylor, Mercado, Valera, Kwan

1. I’m adding Lavastida, Noel, Freeman, Rocchio, Palacios, Valera, Kwan

2. I’m not picking up the option on Perez.

3. There are 4 spots left, I’m not tendering a contract for Ramirez or Zimmer at those prices. Mercado can be the 4th OF.

4. Options for those final 3 spots include: Chang, Clement, Miller, Tena, Johnson, O. Gonzalez. I’m going with Clement, Miller, Tena, Johnson. I think Chang is probably going to be slightly better than either of the other two, but I think they had more value and I’m looking to trade one (probably Miller) and I’ll keep Clement as the UTIL INF. I like Tena, and think he has more value on the market than Chang, as again, Chang has no options. I’ve never like Johnson personally, and I don’t think Gonzalez will cut it as a MLer, however, I know some people vehemently disagree.

I have the current roster as constructed at about 44M, and I am looking to get to about 75M


I’m going into December with a 26* man roster of (it won’t add to 26, bear with me):

Bieber, Civale, McKenzie, Quantrill, Plesac

Clase, Karinchak, Sandlin, Hentges, Gose, Mejia


Bradley, Gimenez, Rosario, Ramirez, Miller, Clement

Straw, Kwan, Mercado, Reyes


With Morgan, Morris, Pilkington, Cantillo as SP depth. Stephan, Pinto, Vargas as RP depth.

With Lavastida, Arias, Palacios, Jones, Freeman, Rocchio, Tena, Noel as INF depth

With Johnson, Valera as OF depth.

With Naylor probably on the 60IL

So, what do I need? I want a starting catcher. I want a starting RFer. I want 2 RPs. I maybe want a LFer as well, if I have the $ for it. I have 1 open spot on the 40 man come opening day for Naylor, and I will fill that spot with a NRI RP. So I want 3-4 players to get added, so I need all those spots cleared.


I’m starting with a trade, and I’m calling up the Cubs about Contreras, Happ, and Wick. I have Happ worth about 20M, Contreras worth about 11M, and Wick worth about 5M, so I’d say a package around 35M is reasonable. I’d offer Jones, Burns, Cantillo, Tena, Johnson. That adds 3 players, subtracts 4, so we are +1

So I’m not super excited about my lack of depth at pitching, and I have a roster spot open. I also still have too many MIF. I’d be looking to trade one of Gimenez or Arias to some in exchange for a RP and a SP prospect. I’m calling the Marlins up about Edward Cabrera and Dylan Floro. FG has 50FV pitchers at about 20M, so I’m going to say 28M. I’m offering Arias and one of Bracho, Sanquintin, Tolentino, Tucker, to continue to clear out some of that MIF glut.

So we end up with:

1. Trade Jones, Burns, Cantillo, Tena, Johnson for Contreras, Happ and Wick.

2. Trade Arias and 40+FV MIF prospect for Cabrera and Floro


So here we go:

SP: Bieber, Civale, Quantrill, McKenize, Plesac

SP Depth: Cabrera, Morgan, Morris, Pilkington

RP: Clase, Karinchak, Floro, Sandlin, Wick, Hentges, Gose, NRI

RP Depth: Mejia, Stephan, Pinto, Vargas

INF: Contreras, Hedges, Bradley, Gimenez, Rosario, Ramirez, Clement, Miller

INF Depth: Lavastida, Palacios, Freeman, Rocchio, Noel

OF: Straw, Happ, Kwan, Mercado, Reyes

OF Depth: Valera, Naylor*

Payroll: 62M

We were at 44M, and we added Contreras (9M), Happ (7M), Floro (2M)

I would prefer another OF. Rosario can spell out there if needed so I’m not going to suggest that we need to carry 5 OF, but I’d rather have someone else in house over Kwan, and let Kwan keep doing what he is doing in AAA for a bit. We have a bit of money as well to sign someone, but I am struggling to figure out who to drop off the roster. I’d like a 1 year stop gap, would go to 2 to get it done if needed, and I’m looking to spend like 10-12M. I’d talk to Garcia about a 2/20M. I’d talk to Canha about a 2/25M. I’d be talking to Seiya Suzuki about a 4/50M. I’ll go with Suzuki, just cause it would be a nice marketing opportunity for the new team name. I’m dropping Pinto unless Sandlin or someone else needs to get put on the 60.


1 – Straw vs RHP (.329), Rosario vs LHP (.345)

2 – Happ (.345)

3 – Ramirez (.374)

4 – Reyes (.350)

5 – Suzuki (.345)

6 – Contreras (.330)

7 – Bradley (.320)

8 – Gimenez (.295)

9 – Rosario vs. LHP (.287), Straw vs. LHP (.260)

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