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Progressive Field’s new Guardians sign is off-center and I can’t unsee it

Please fix it, I beg you

via @CleGuardians on Instagram

The Cleveland Guardians have been official for less than a week and already they have a new rival: signs.

First, the sign above their team store fell and broke on opening day. Luckily, it didn’t hurt anyone, but it felt like a bad omen regardless. Now, on what should be a symbolic day for the newly-minted franchise, the script on the front of Progressive Field is off-center and it’s impossible not to notice it.

The sign, which had the old script name removed last week, was recently adorned with “Guardians” and revealed by the team on Instagram. Only, there’s one small problem:

I’m not off here, am I? Like, this thing isn’t even close. It’s not just that one angle, either. This post from the team’s official fan Facebook page shows that it looks just as bad from the side:

The old script name that used to be there was also a little off-center, but the design of that logo is heavier and more balanced than Guardians — which is fine! But for some reason, they opted to put the front sign in the exact same spot as the old logo and it is so much more obvious.

It’s not like they weren’t aware of this either, because the sign on the side of the building is properly centered and looks great!

Cleveland Indians Officially Become Cleveland Guardians Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

All of this won’t matter if they start making bigger signings this offseason (see what I did there?!), but until they do I’m going to stare at this in awe.