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Cleveland Guardians in process of removing script “Indians” sign above scoreboard

There’s even live video if you’re into that sort of thing

WKYC Channel 3 News

With the World Series ending by tomorrow at the latest, the Cleveland Guardians are beginning the process of their public-facing rebrand away from their old name.

The first, or at least most visible, step is to remove the 80-foot script “Indians” sign above the scoreboard at Progressive Field. The multi-day process started earlier this morning and can be viewed live in the video below courtesy of WKYC Channel 3 news.

The script “I” will be the first piece to come down; as of this writing, it has already begun to be dismantled.

The fixture itself was relit just last March after spending more than a year in the dark.

According to AP’s Tom Withers, the sign — which will be placed in storage — will be replaced by a similar “Guardians” script and the changes will begin in earnest “later this month.”