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The Cleveland Guardians era officially begins on Friday

The team will transition its social media presence to the new name on Nov. 19, and new merchandise will go on sale at the team store at 9 a.m. ET.

Syndication: Akron Beacon Journal Karen Schiely via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Cleveland has announced that their transition to the Guardians will formally take place on Friday, Nov. 19. Official merchandise, branded with the new Guardians logos and name, will be sold at the Progressive Field team shop starting at 9 a.m. ET, with other retailers following suit next Tuesday.

Friday will also be the day that the Guardians migrate their online presence to the Guardians name, though the exact handles have not yet been disclosed. Twitter might be a sticky wicket as the Guardians of the Galaxy own @Guardians, someone else has @MLBGuardians, and I might have accidentally taken the @CLEGuardians handle (just tell me if you want it, Guardians, it’s all yours). Another option, @GuardiansMLB, is currently suspended by Twitter.

The transition was supposedly set to happen earlier this week but was delayed at the last minute for undisclosed reasons as retailers were told to halt plans to put Guardians merchandise on display. Just yesterday, the baseball Guardians settled their ongoing legal dispute with the roller derby Guardians, finally settling on both teams keeping their names after months of back-and-forth.