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That sound you hear from the GM Meetings? Crickets

Morning news and notes for Saturday, Nov. 13, 2021

2017 Cactus League Media Availability

Not much going on at the GM Meetings, including from the Guardians. Very little player movement of key players and owners are crying “poor,” to stake out a position before the CBA.

Guardians News and Notes

Bradley Zimmer showed some pop but lacked consistency for Cleveland in 2021: 40-man roster review -

Did Zimmer do enough in 2021 to guarantee himself a spot on the Guardians' roster in 2022?

How much shakin’ is going on in Cleveland Guardians’ 40-man roster? Hey, Hoynsie -
People have questions....

Baseball Versus Roller Derby – Cleveland’s Battle for the Guardians Trademark | Weintraub Tobin - JDSupra

On Tuesday, October 26, 2021, Cleveland Roller Derby filed suit against the Cleveland Guardians Baseball Company, LLC, which is the entity formerly known as the Cleveland Indians.

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