SWAT's 2022 Guardians Plan of Attack

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In a surprise move, Dolan ordered us to win a championship with a budget of $95M +/-$5M.

Release/Non-Tender: R. Perez, N. Wittgren, D. Johnson, H. Ramirez, Y. Chang, C. Hill, S. Moss, A. Young, C. Vargas, F. Perez, K. Nelson. (-11) Roster @ [29].

Add: Valera, Freeman, Rocchio, Palacios, Cantillo, Tena, Noel, Lavistada, Morris, Kwan, Pilkington. (+11) [40].

Trade: Arias, Cantillo, Mercado, A. Martinez, and B. Bradley to the Chicago Cubs in return for I. Happ, W. Contreras, R. Wick (pezzicle, other fanpost, 2021). (-4, +3) [39]

Trade: Z. Plesac, N. Jones, and A. Scott to Oakland Athletics for M. Olson and L. Trivino. (-2, +2) [39]

Sign one of K. Schwarber, J. Soler, or M. Canha. (+1) [40].

26-Man: Beiber, Civale, McKenzie, Quantrill, Morgan, Clase, Karinchak, Sandlin, Gose, Trivino, Wick, Hentges, L. Allen the elder. Hedges, Contreras, Olson, Miller, Rosario, Giminez, Ramirez, Clement, Straw, Reyes, Zimmer, Happ, Schwarber (or other FA hitter). J. Naylor is on 60 IL

Lineup: Straw (CF), Schwarber (LF/DH), Ramirez (3B), Olson (1B), Reyes (DH/RF), Happ (RF/LF), Contreras (C.), Giminez (SS), Rosario (2B).

Bench: Miller (IF), Clement (IF), Zimmer (OF), Hedges (C.)

Rotation: Beiber, Quantrill, Civale, McKenzie, Morgan

Bullpen: Clase, Karinchak, Sandlin, Trivino, Wick, Hentges, L. Allen, Gose.

Payroll with Schwarber making $16M, accounting for Naylor’s Arb Salary: ~$91M


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