My Offseason 40 man Roster Projection (Sorry for leaving off your favorite prospect)

Couple of Caveats before I dive in

- I don't know what I'm talking about

- I have no batted ball or pitch data on these minors guys. I think this data helps make these decisions for teams for all I know a guy like Tena makes more hard contact than I the number indicate.

- I think we will make some trades but I will not try to predict any as I think guessing trade value is as about inexact as it gets. Same goes for free agent signings we probably make some but I have no idea what type of budget this team has to work with to sign players.

- In bold are player I think would be in DFA danger as we add to the 40 through trades and free agency

Pitchers- 20

Returning- Bieber, Civale, Clase, Garza, Gose, Hentges, Karinchak, Sticks, Mejia, Morgan, Perez, Plesac, Quantril, Sandlin, Stephan, Vargas

Adds- Morris, Pilkington, Scott, Cantillo

Catchers- 2

Returning- Hedges,

Adds- Lavistida - (minors FA catcher signing)

Infielders- 12

Returning- Arias, Chang, Clement, Gimenez, Jones, Miller, J Naylor, Ramirez, Rosario

Adds- Freeman, Rocchio, Palacios

Outfielders- 6

Returning- Harold, Reyes, Straw, Zimmer

Added- Kwan, Valera

I do expect a decent amount of trade and free agency action from the Guardians this offseason. Rosario sticks out as an obvious trade candidate to me and I am sure for many of you as well. Arias will be in the bigs rather quickly to open up space in AAA for Freeman and Rocchio. Jones is in a similar boat I don't think he needs much more if any time in AAA he can be with the big club as soon as needed. Obviously the way I set this up we are in bad need of multiple corner infield and outfield bats hopefully we make these additions.

I think Naylor's injury provides a fairly easy opportunity to protect Lavistida and use the likely 60 day IL move to add a stop gap catcher for 2 months. I'm hoping Lavistida could be ready for a big league trial by June maybe that is too aggressive. Kwan, and Palacios shouldn't need a ton of time and can provide some reinforcements when needed.

With the quality of of pitching being added this year and next year Plesac also stands out to me as a player who should be shopped. The bullpen still needs work I fully expect us to find some righty arms for the pen the arms I put in bold don't feel very safe to me as we make external adds.

Explanation on drops

Bradley- Production wasn't enough for me to justify keeping a player with limited versatility

Oscar M/Daniel Johnson- Just don't think I can't wait much longer for the light to turn on for either guy

Roberto Perez- Seems like we can't afford both him and Hedges

Allen- The consistency just isn't there and I'd rather bet on Hentges who throws harder

Hill/Moss-Neither were healthy this year and both put up ugly results when they did pitch

Nelson- Been a brutal two years for the young man

Parker/Shaw- I'd bring both back to camp on minors deals again but I don't think big league deals make sense for either right now

Wittgren- Obviously struggled this year makes sense as a non tender. Like the two above I think he makes sense to bring back to camp on a minors deal

Young-Didn't make his trial count like Gose has

Explanation on unprotected players

Benson- Had a fun season at Akron but his time in Columbus makes him a difficult add to the roster. Sad he couldn't keep up the momentum

Bracho- If I did this preseason I would have him as an easy add but he played his way out of a spot this season

Broom- Real disappointing season this year I think he still has a chance to be a big league reliever but this year didn't do him any favors.

Burgos- I know nothing about this guy but he's on fangraphs top 51 list. Maybe more educated folks can let us know more about him

Fermin- Limited power plus few walks I think he slips through R5 or gets sent back

Oscar Gonzalez- Oscar definitely showed alot of growth this year his August had me thinking maybe we would have to add him. I have discussed him before on here but his approach and lack of defense are my reasons for not adding as his power production in AAA wasn't overwhelming enough for me to look past the warts. I think he could be back in the Org I don't think he's a lock to sign elsewhere this offseason but we shall see.

Noel- This was a hard one to figure for me. Lower level corner infield bats aren't traditional R5 selections so I left him off though I see the argument for keeping him based on the monster season he just put up.

Aaron Pinto- I think he might get selected in R5. Had a nice season in AA I don't know enough about him to justify putting him on my mock roster. I presume his stuff is a little lackluster and that's why I haven't seen much buzz on him.

Planez- Bat is still raw hopefully he makes a jump next year as he's still very young. I don't see a likely R5 pick with him he'd be completely overwhelmed vs big league pitching.

Tena- Had a good season this year too many K's for my liking. If he gets selected I think he'd have to fight to stick given his bat still seems raw to me.

Okay I just wrote way too many words so hopefully I did not forget and obvious add or made some other mistake. Hopefully we have great offseason and unearth some gems.

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