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Roberto Pérez is a Twitch streamer now

Find him @BeboPz55 on Twitch and Facebook Gaming

If you can’t get enough of Roberto Pérez — and really how could you — you can find him streaming live on Facebook and Twitch right now.

(EDIT: His stream has ended, but you can still find the archived footage and give him a follow at the links)

By the looks of it he’s been streaming for a while now, mostly CoD: Warzone, but earlier today he got the good ‘ole corporate bump as Cleveland’s Facebook account shared out his stream.

The stream is mostly in Spanish, but it’s another neat way to see a glimpse into the life of a baseball player who games on the side. Obviously, if you’re not into watching live streams or video games you can safely avoid this, but for some of us this is the perfect intersection of two hobbies and it rules.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the amazing banner he has on his Facebook page, also used as the main image of this post. Just look at this thing:

BeboPz55, Facebook

Print it out and put it on the mantle next to the Gold Glove.