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So long, Hank.

News and Notes for Saturday, January 23

Atlanta Braves Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

I was nine years old when Hank Aaron surpassed the ghost of Babe Ruth on that hot night in Atlanta. But Hank Aaron was more that that one moment. He was a ground-breaking executive and one of the most complete players to ever play the game and he battled racism every step of the way. So long, Hank. You stayed around so long that we took you for granted. And now you’re gone and we never adequately thanked you while you were still alive for all you did for baseball and humankind.

Cleveland Baseball Team News

Triston McKenzie excited for 2021 | 01/22/2021 | Cleveland Indians
Indians prospect Triston McKenzie discusses his offseason work, being excited for the 2021 season and more.

Triston McKenzie’s goal for 2021: Take his game to the ‘next level’ for Cleveland Indians - - McKenzie says he is looking forward to his first full big league season in 2021.

Indians Triston McKenzie reflects 2020 debut and begins mentorship program | Beacon Journal - Triston McKenzie hopes to make 2020 a building block season.

When are the Cleveland Indians going to improve the roster for 2021? Hey, Hoynsie - - The Indians have told us they are going add to the roster with a portion of the money saved by trading Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco. The hard part for fans is the waiting game.

Hank Aaron spoke softly, but hammered the baseball for 23 seasons -
When Hank Aaron wasn't busy hitting 755 home runs, he was a big fan of the Browns.

In a lifetime of sports, there’s never been anything like seeing Hank Aaron’s 715th homer in person - - On the morning before Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's home-run record in 1974, there were tickets available. Which led to memories that have lasted a lifetime.

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