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Hey sports world, José Ramírez exists and he’s really good

Maybe include one of the game’s best players in your postseason promos?

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Cleveland Indians David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports

Listen, I know I said that José Ramírez doesn’t automatically deserve the MVP Award because he leads the league in WAR, but that doesn’t mean he should be ignored altogether.

The MLB Postseason begins tomorrow, and that means sports outlets and even MLB itself is starting to promote the excitement that it is coming. Tuesday will feature up to 12 straight hours of playoff baseball — an exciting time to see some of the game’s most exciting players.

One of the teams in that day full of baseball will be the Indians, and one of the players on the Indians happens to be one of the game’s most exciting and unique players in José Ramírez. All he does is hit extra base hits, lose his helmet, and provide more excitement than most players in baseball.

So, of course, when SportsCenter makes a graphic advertising the postseason, they’ll include him, right?

Oh, nevermind.

But that’s just SportsCenter. Surely MLB’s own marketing arm would include José in a minute-long commercial featuring fun players doing fun things? Maybe one of him flying around the bases with his helmet flying off with a cool trail of color something? Any shots of his homers or bat flips would also suffice?

Nothing. Not a single second.

These aren’t egregious errors, and there is still plenty of time to include the GOAT in postseason Twitter festivities. But I just wanted to throw it out there: José Ramírez rules the more people who know it the better.