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Indians reach new low with five-game losing streak

The Indians are in desperate need of a spark


The last time the Indians lost five games in a row they were closing out 2019 season and were already eliminated from the playoffs. They were a dead team walking, if you will. In a lot of ways, they look like a dead team walking now, too.

Despite having one of the best pitching staffs in modern baseball, the 2020 Cleveland Indians are struggling to make a case that they will make an impact this postseason. They sit at 26-20, 4-6 in their last 10 games and are riding a season-high five-game losing streak. Zach Plesac gave up a trio of home runs and Nick Wittgren allowed two more — the monstrous Twins offense has seemingly finally awoken.

To their credit, the Indians offense did manage to eventually hit 40-year-old Rich Hill tonight, to the tune of two earned runs in 5.0 innings. He still struck out seven, though, and without José Ramírez providing the firepower this game would have been another blowout.

Here’s the rest of the recap in tweet form:

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