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Mike Clevinger may or may not be headed to the Padres


Cleveland Indians Summer Workouts Photo by Dan Mendlik/Cleveland Indians via Getty Images

Mike Clevinger may be on the verge of heading to San Diego, or a couple verified Twitter accounts may have been fed some bad information.

On one side is one of Twitter’s countless “random stat guy” accounts, saying that the Padres are making a splash with Clevinger.

Backing up his report is the oft-wrong Bob Nightengale, who also thought the Indians would actually trade Clevinger to the White Sox for Adam Engel and Michael Kopech.

On the other side is Robert Murray, who I have never of but has “MLB Insider” in his Twitter bio, so he must know things, right?

The consensus at this point seems to be that calling it a done deal is premature, but it looks like the Padres are the front-runner, and even if Clevinger doesn’t go to San Diego he’s likely gone.