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8/2 Game Thread: Indians vs. Twins

Whatever we talk about when we talk about baseball, this is where we talk about it

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Minnesota Twins Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, and welcome to today’s game thread. If things go south this might turn into a #YandyWatch, but it would need to be really bad for that to happen. I think.

Earlier today I heard a trumpet described as a “kind of loud pretzel” and so I’m hoping to carry that energy throughout the day

Non-Baseball fun fact: It appears that early Egyptians Pharaohs relied on monuments/reliefs with writing to portray themselves as the crucial lynchpin holding together many disparate elements to justify their power. Pharoahs were portrayed as the tether between Upper and Lower Egypt; Desert and Nile; Life and Death; etc. In this way they kept disorder from spilling over into order. In other words, it’s probably the earliest documented use of state-sanctioned propaganda.