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Zach Plesac blames everybody but himself for his actions

Morning news and notes for Friday, August, 14, 2020

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Indians news

Indians’ Zach Plesac says he and Mike Clevinger unfairly cast as ‘bad people’ after COVID violation | ESPN
The levels of stupidity involved in Zach Plesac’s Instagram video about “truth” are staggering. He goes on a two-minute rant blaming everyone but himself for his action and shows that he really doesn’t get it at all. To top it all off, he recorded the video while driving without a seatbelt. Just ... staggering.

Carlos Santana’s Walks Will Trick You | FanGraphs
Carlos Santana’s ludicrous walk rate is drawing national attention now. FanGraphs’ Ben Clemens picked up on the oddities of the Tribe’s first baseman and notes that, surprisingly, he’s probably not going to walk 35% of the time forever.

It’s Time for the Indians to End Their Grab Bag Approach to the Outfield | Cleveland Baseball Insider
Just make Mike Freeman the every day center fielder and be done with it.

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