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Roberto Pérez getting his shoulder checked out

Morning news and notes for Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Kansas City Royals v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Indians and White Sox played twice yesterday and the Indians won both of them. Breakout right-hander Aaron Civale got some help from the top relievers in the first, and Adam Plutko got some from the unheralded relievers in the second.

All 5 Indians SPs so far have gone 6+ innings and allowed 2 runs or fewer. No team had done this in 7 years.

The bad news comes in the form of Roberto Pérez’s shoulder, which seems like it could require some time off. Beau Taylor was added to the roster as insurance.

Around baseball

• Joe Kelly tried to hit some Astro batters, and social distancing became a brawl subplot shortly thereafter. He also made some funny faces.

• Were you wondering what happens to home run balls like I was? I would personally give each one to the dude who hit it.

• Corey Kluber has been placed on the 45-day DL :(

• Dusty Baker will manage the Astros in 2021 as well.

• The Mets clobbered the Red Sox again

• Baseball on the radio is still great

Marlin-related Dominoes

• 4 more Marlins tested positive on Tuesday for Covid-19

• The Mayor of Miami wants the Marlins to quarantine for 14 days when they return to the city.

• Miami started claiming players like Mike Morin to fill out their roster

• Nats players voted to not play the Marlins, but this will be moot, as Marlin games have been cancelled for the rest of the week.

• The PHI/NYY game was ppd even though no Phillies tested positive.