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Tyler Naquin and his leaky toe to be replaced by Daniel Johnson

You read that correctly

Cleveland Indians Summer Workouts Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Cleveland Indians recalled outfielder Daniel Johnson for the 2020 season opener, replacing Tyler Naquin.

Naquin look terrific throughout summer camp, but a foul ball struck his toe several days ago and is still not game-ready.

I’ve never had a toe drained before, but I imagine I’d prefer to stay off of my feet for a bit in the aftermath.

The good news for the Indians is that Johnson also looked terrific when he appeared in games this summer. The outfielder is a top prospect according to most rankings, flashing five-tool talent and a spiffy beard.

Naquin’s leaky toe is unlikely to keep him out of the lineup for any extended period of time. However, the resultant roster shuffling scrambles an already confusing pile of outfielders, all of whom have some legitimate claim to the everyday roster.

It’s not the ideal way in which certain members of the community wanted to Tribe to #LetDJSpin, but here’s hoping that Johnson makes the most of this opportunity.