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Now for the real Opening Day

Morning news and notes for Friday, July 24, 2020

Cleveland Indians Summer Workouts Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

There will be meaningful Indians baseball on your TV. That’s it. That’s the post. We made it.

Indians news

Sermon from the mound: When the Plesac family talks pitching, people should listen | Cleveland
This was from a few days ago, but I don’t recall it being in a news and notes yet. It’s worth a read, though, as a great deep dive into Zach Plesac’s pitching lineage and the fact that he has a twin who is an Alaskan fisherman.

The Cleveland Indians might be perfect for a short season built on hot streaks: Doug Lesmerises | Cleveland
For better or worse, the Indians are a streaky team. If they can hit a good 60-game streak, it’ll be a fun half-summer in Cleveland.

How Does the Mookie Betts Megadeal Play into What’s Coming for Indians SS Lindor? | Cleveland Baseball Insider
A rising tide helps all boats and all that — Francisco Lindor is going to get paid, just probably not by the Indians.

Around the league

  • The Yankees and Dodgers both won their Opening Day games.
  • Here’s Joc Pederson shouting naughty words when he grounded out.