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“All remaining issues have been resolved and Players are reporting to training camps”

Morning N&N for June 24, 2020

Boston Red Sox 2015 Spring Training Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

That’s right, everybody. The MLBPA tweeted yesterday what you see in that headline there. Notice how I did not say “There WILL BE baseball on July XX”, because for all we know, there still may never be an MLB regular season game this year.

We can hope, though, which is why details are so exciting to read (except for the extra innings rule change):

• The plan is for camps to open on July 1

• The 60- game season would consist of 40 division games and 20 interleague contests

• There will be a trade deadline, and it will be August 31

Up to 60 players can be invited to ST 2.0 but they can be any mix of 40-man and non-40-man dudes

Managers who want to argue will have to do so while social distancing; in a way CB Bucknor has already been doing this

• “MLB has been talking with Nashville about having 2 teams there of unsigned players

• There will be a second injured list for players with COVID-related issues and it will be for a nonspecific number of days

• Extra innings will start with a runner on 2nd base and my president is rightly bewildered by this

No spitting

Rule 5 modification

Buzzkill time

• Charlie Blackmon and two other Rockies have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

• The Indians really don’t want to commit to refunding ticketbuyers yet

• Some of the Angels’ recent actions would make you think they’re lacking money. On the other hand...