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8 MLB owners are needed to cancel the season; 6 are reportedly willing

Morning N&N for June 17, 2020

Miami Marlins town hall meeting
Sure, why not, photo locator, you’re not really producing any better results. This technically fits.
Al Diaz/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Here’s the story from the headline.

And now here are a bunch of stories about what a mess this all is, by...

Tyler Kepner

Thomas Boswell

David Lennon


Will Leitch

Now, other stuff...

Wait for it...

• Dr. Anthony Fauci, who really should be trusted with more important things right now, says the MLB season should end in September.

• The Cubs apparently have a thing for Coastal Carolina players. This time when they called an agent, he said “Are you talking to me or Kobos?”