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N&N: Owners and players remain at odds in MLB power struggle

Morning news and notes for Monday, June 15, 2020

MLB chooses Selig replacement Kevin Richardson/Baltimore Sun/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Here’s to more good than bad this week!

Tribe News

How deep will the Indians into the pool of undrafted players? |

From Paul Hoynes:

Well, starting Sunday teams can sign as many of those players as they want, but they can’t pay them more than $20,000 under the March 26 agreement between owners and players.

If this sounds like the a free-for-all, well, it pretty much is. Teams always sign players after the draft who didn’t get picked. But rarely have there been this many players available.

“This is the first time everyone is going through this, so we’re not entirely sure what to expect,” said Scott Barnsby, Indians director of amateur scouting.

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