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N&N: MLB wants Mike Trout to make only $5,748,577 to be the best in the world at baseball

Morning News and Notes for May 27, 2020

Los Angeles Angels v Cleveland Indians
imagine MLB is the baseball on the ground
Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

As you probably heard, MLB made their latest proposal to the MLBPA yesterday. As you also may have heard, it was terrible and has no chance of being accepted.

The players already agreed to take 82/162nds of their 2020 pay, but MLB wants to slash that even further, for... uh... reasons.

I could post dozens of links to tweets that would all seem very redundant and needlessly detailed for this kind of post. Because there is nothing else to talk about, you’re going to get some of them; there’s no way around that—this is a links post, after all. But know that there are many more in the .txt file where these came from.

• The Oakland A’s are not going to pay all of their employees. If there were tiers of cheap MLB owners, they’d all be in one of them, but Oakland might be in the top tier all alone. They aren’t even going to pay their Minor Leaguers! Which should mean...

• Mike Trout would only make $5.75 million under the current proposal. Mike Trout should be making that much money every month of every year, which as a sidenote, comes out to a very nice $69M annually!

• The Dodgers—the Dodgers! wanted in on all this and are another team looking to save a few bucks.

• Pitchers will need at least 3 weeks to get ready once/if a financial solution is reached.

• This Indians pitcher (before you guess, remember Trevor is a Red) is ready to go right now. With his twitter pen, at least.

• I regret not having the first letter of each of these bullet points spell out “Enjoy him.”