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Negotiations continue (through the media) on bringing back Major League Baseball

Morning N&N for May 20, 2020, Twenty.

New York Mets v Houston Astros
BVW and Jon discuss Arbys
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The Indians didn’t play good baseball yesterday. The mopup man wasn’t particularly helpful, even though they didn’t play bad baseball yesterday, either.

Bad baseball sounds like a welcome sight right now, as it’s better than MLB owners constantly trying to be cheapskates off the field. They claim that their March offer to players was “predicated on fans attending games.” Lol.

MLB says they have a plan, though. Some are skeptical. Including Max Scherzer, who worries about the coaches and trainers.



• Some teams have more to lose than others if there is no 2020 season (this one isn’t about money, but just you hold on...)

• Some MLB owners could be in line to lose money, but probably not...

• And yet, a baseball billionaire stopped paying his rent...

• And his cohorts are becoming a laughingstock.