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N&N: Still looking for compromise between MLB owners and players

Morning news and notes for Monday, May 19, 2020

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Indians

Here’s to more good than bad this week!

Tribe News

Reminder to MLB owners, players: Most fans are hurting far more than they are |

From Terry Pluto:

When the owners made the deal with the players in March, they believed baseball would return at some point with fans in the stands. Now, that doesn’t seem likely.

It’s why they proposed the 50-50 revenue split. But the players don’t trust the owners, partly because it’s hard to define what is “revenue” and what isn’t.

Baseball is not America’s Game. That’s football.

Baseball can’t afford to blow a chance to at least dominate the summer with games on TV, giving the real working people some diversion and a reason to care about their game. If baseball is shut down for the year, the economic consequences to the players and owners will be massive. Good luck trying to sell tickets on 2021 after that debacle.

The owners need to dump the revenue sharing. The players need to think about a different way of pro-rating salaries rather than 100 percent.

Both sides are saying things that will upset their customers, who do pay their salaries by watching games on TV, etc.

Domingo Santana needs to hit the ground running for Indians this year |

A short season means even less patience for a slow start.

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