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Kenny Lofton deserved better Hall of Fame treatment

Morning news and notes for Wednesday, April 15, 2020

1999 All-Star Game

Good morning. Kenny Lofton should be in the Hall of Fame.

Indians news

Kenny Lofton, welcome to our hall of pretty damn good players | FiveThirtyEight
All Kenny Lofton did was help elevate a franchise from its absolute lowest point to form arguably its best run of seasons ever. Even if you don’t believe he’s a hall of famer, he at least deserved better than being one-and-done by the voters. FiveThirtyEight agrees.

Will Progressive Field host Cleveland Indians’ watch parties from Arizona? Hey, Hoynsie | Cleveland
I’m not trying to steal woodsmeister’s thunder by posting Hey, Hoynsie in the news and notes, but the fact that someone actually asked this question deserves recognition. Could you imagine MLB going through all the trouble of setting up the Arizona Thunderdome only to have teams pack their stadiums with disease-spreading fans? Wild.

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