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FanGraphs needs help

Morning news and notes for April 1, 2020

Obviously there are bigger things going on in the world, but that doesn’t mean we have to completely abandon the arts to disappear into the sinkhole of 2020. Many places are struggling with self-isolation in full swing and no sports on the horizon. One such place is FanGraphs, arguably one of the best websites on the internet. With fewer and fewer people looking for stats — and without the might of MLB to back them up like Baseball Savant — they are asking for help raising funds to keep themselves afloat.

If you, like me, have relied on FanGraphs more times than you can count in the past decade, consider floating them a few bucks or signing up for a subscription if you can spare it. It’s worth it to remove the ads alone and keep some of the most insightful baseball writing on the planet alive and well.

Indians news

Len Barker completes a perfect game | Twitter
SportsTimeOhio re-ran Len Barker’s perfect game last night. That’s it for your Indians news.

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