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FOCO announces Carlos Carrasco bobblehead benefiting Stand Up To Cancer

#Cookiestrong, now in bobblehead form

FOCO has announced a new bobblehead featuring Carlos Carrasco to support Stand Up To Cancer.

The bobblehead itself was designed and developed with the help of Carrasco, presumably to make sure they got every detail of that wonderful soul patch just right. Along with Carrasco’s prominent facial hair and smile, the bobble also features a “cookie” stand and has Carrasco holding a “Stand Up To Cancer” sign, similar to the one many of his teammates and baseball colleagues held up to show their support for him at last year’s World Series and All-Star Game.

The bobblehead is available now through Dec. 31, 2020* and $10 from every purchase will be donated to Stand Up To Cancer.

Carrasco was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia, a rare but treatable cancer of the blood, last June and missed several months of the season before returning to pitch in the bullpen in September. His inspiring battle with cancer brought the baseball world together in support of the growing #Cookiestrong movement.

Carrasco’s unwillingness to let cancer stop him from helping others earned him the 2020 Roberto Clemente Award for his charitable work throughout the year. In addition to numerous donations to cancer charities, he continued work on the Carlos Carrasco Foundation, which aims to promote literacy for children.

*Full disclosure: FOCO offered to send me a free bobblehead, but I receive no referral sales of any kind through this link or for this post.