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Indians scoreboard logo is finally lit up again

It’s been a year since those bad boys were fired up and I sure did miss them

World Series - Chicago Cubs v Cleveland Indians - Two Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

We could all use some good news right now, no matter how small, so how about this one: The script “Indians” logo at Progressive Field has been turned on, as recorded by Cleveland 5 News last night.

Astute viewers of night games and anyone who has glanced at the massive outfield display noticed that it was out all of last season, hampering — in my totally unbaised opinion — one of the best nighttime views in all of sports.

The gigantic outfield video display (which could hold 52 buses, in case you were wondering) just isn’t the same when the script logo isn’t lit. And it’s a real shame that the year Progressive Field was getting the most attention as the league’s All-Star Game venue, it was left like this:

Instead of this:

There is still an indefinite amount of time until baseball actually returns, so this could just be some kind of test that won’t actually be turned on during the regular season. But for now, there’s hope.