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MLB teams pledge to contribute $1 million each to pay stadium employees

The hourly employees that quietly keep stadiums ticking won’t have to go without pay for weeks or even months

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

In a joint announcement, MLB teams revealed their plans to each contribute $1 million to pay for team employees impacted by the league-wide shutdown.

MLB’s initial plan for an April 9 Opening Day is no longer happening, with a more realistic start date somewhere in late May or even into June or July. As a result, many of the employees who work to keep stadiums up and running will be jobless and likely unable to find temporary work elsewhere as states slowly clamp down on movement to fight the spread of the Coronavirus.

As of right now, the $30 million being contributed by teams is not going to minor-leaguers, but there is talk that a way to pay them is coming soon. The Dodgers, Red Sox, Marlins, and Padres have at least pledged to pay the small stipends minor leaguers are given for spring training but there is no league-wide commitment yet.