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It’s been three days and you can still buy Indians Opening Day tickets

The Indians have sold out their home opener for 27 straight years, but that streak might be in jeopardy

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Cleveland Indians Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Good news if you’ve overslept for three days but still want to see the Indians play the Tigers on Mar. 26, also known as Opening Day 2020: You can still buy tickets.

That’s good news for you, person who should get that sleep disorder checked out, but for the Indians, it’s not a great sign. They’re a ways away from their 455-straight sellout streak, but as of right now they still hold a streak of 27 consecutive sellout home openers. It might be in danger.

At the very least, fans certainly aren’t clamoring for Opening Day tickets like they have in the past. Previously you were lucky to get tickets within the first few minutes, let alone days.

The Indians announced in early February that tickets would be available to the public on Feb. 24 at 10 a.m. ET. There was even a “2020 Opening Day ticket purchase opportunity” to enter that would randomly award fans early access to buy tickets (not to win tickets, mind you, just the chance to buy them).

A little over three days later, you can still buy tickets straight from in almost every outfield upper box for as low as $57 each and infield club seats are available for $225 each. I’m not talking one or two tickets, either. All over the stadium you can buy huge swaths of seats at a time with seemingly no issues with availability.

Weather could be a factor — the idea of sitting outside in late-March weather in Cleveland isn’t appealing — but this is also the same city that repeatedly packs stadiums to watch the Browns attempt football in freezing temperatures, so that’s a luke warm excuse at best. Maybe it’s a 1:00 p.m. start on a Thursday? Maybe it’s the lack of offseason effort? The consistently awful treatment of season ticket holders? Cancelling tickets of fans who purchased their tickets through all the right avenues? The team’s owner telling fans to “enjoy” their star player before they trade him, or openly telling the public that fans who buy suites are his favorite people?

It’s a total mystery why they still haven’t sold out.