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Here’s that picture of Jason Kipnis in a Cubs uniform you never wanted or asked for

Looking sharp there Kip, I say not holding back any tears whatsoever

Jason Kipnis, Instagram

Jason Kipnis signed with his hometown Chicago Cubs last week, but it never felt like it would set in until we saw him in the uniform of that team. Maybe something would fall through and we’d never have to endure it. Maybe Kipnis would pick up a new life as a professional scooter rider. Something, anything, to not see Kipnis in a Cubs unform.

Well, bad news. Here it is.

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And to complete the circle of 2016 nostalgia gone rogue, here’s an article about Cubs second baseman Jason Kipnis, formerly of the Indians, written by Cubs beat writer Jordan Bastian, formerly of the Indians beat.

Happy for Kipnis (and Jordan Bastian for that matter), but would anyone like to drive a Cubs-shaped knife through my heart next?