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The Hustle Double: A new recurring feature at Let’s Go Tribe

Two sides enter. Two sides exit as well, but one of them just looks stupid now, you guys

MLB: Wild Card-New York Yankees at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine two bloggers losing their heads while scampering around the bases in a race. When they’re done, someone is concerned enough* to consider calling an ambulance.

That’s my vision of the Hustle Double, a new feature that I’d like to try at Let’s Go Tribe. It will of course be hosted by our wonderful Academy of Bunting Sciences.

The concept is this: We debate a question provided by the community, and the side that changes the most votes “wins” the debate.

The Hustle Double in more detail

  • We field a debate question from the community. This is ideally something like, “Should the National League adopt the DH?”, or maybe “Does Kenny Lofton belong in the Hall of Fame?”. I will even allow “Is sacrifice bunting good” even though that’s the equivalent of shouting “DILDO” as a suggestion at an improv show. Don’t be Dildo Guy.
  • Let’s say we get the DH question. When we announce the Hustle Double, we would take a poll to see what the audience currently thinks. So, for example, we might see that 84% of people think the NL should adopt the DH, while 10% do not and 6% are unsure.
  • Sides are randomly assigned. As an example, let’s say it’s time for a Showdown of the Matts to determine which one of us is Matt #1 and which one is Matt #2, regardless of what the Masthead suggests (COME AT ME BRO). I end up against the universal DH, while Lyons is given the side in support.
  • We each have 250 words to make an initial statement. We then go through two response rounds, where we assess the merits of the oth dunk on each other. Response 1 is 100 words, response 2 is 50 words.

Here is an example, where I am representing myself and Matt Lyons is represented by a bot.

Response Round 2

Schlichting: It is true that the Universal DH leads to more scoring. However, part of what ties us to the game of baseball is tradition, and pitchers continuing to hit keeps alive a part of the past - and strategies like the double switch - as old as the game itself.

Bot Lyons: The kid who swung at the first pitch got a hit off the kid who didn’t throw it. Hitters just want to win. I think that is what drives a great deal of people to the game - the desire to be the one at bat for the winning run.

  • We leave it up to another community vote with the same options as before. The winner of the Hustle Double will be determined by which participant has the greatest influence on opinion. In this example, the votes after our debate might show 90% for the DH, 8% against, and 2% unsure. Lyons would take ownership of the Matt #1 mantle in addition to winning a coveted Hustle Double title.

That’s the gist of it, and hopefully I explained it well enough that we don’t need to make our first Hustle Double debate the question “Should we do Hustle Doubles?”

So! What’s the first debate topic that you’d like to see the writers of Let’s Go Tribe tackle? If we get a lot of interest we can organize some Fanpost showdowns, too.

*They really had to think about it.