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Reaction to the Cleveland Indians name change

News and Notes for Tuesday, December 15, 2020

American League Wild Card Game 2: New York Yankees v. Cleveland Indians Photo by Joe Sargent/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Cleveland Indians announced that they will have a new, yet-to-be-determined team name beginning with the 2022 season. And the world reacted...

Cleveland Baseball Team News

Who are your three most underrated Cleveland Indians players? Hey, Hoynsie - - People have questions..

Cleveland Indians changing their name isn’t news, but it makes winter harder for fans – Terry Pluto - - The Cleveland Indians made it official announcing they'd have a new nickname in 2022. But an even bigger issue is the team and the reaction of the public.

Native American Activist On Cleveland's Decision To Rename Baseball Team | WBUR News - Native American groups have long said the city's MLB team name is racist and demeaning.

The Cleveland Indians name change: best suggestions and what to prepare for | - Guardians, Spiders, Rockers? The Indians will soon be the Indians no more and the team is hoping to give fans enough of a heads up to prepare for the change.

Cleveland’s baseball team makes it official: club will drop ‘Indians’ name after 2021 season - - Owner Paul Dolan said decision is aimed at uniting community, fans and franchise.

Some Native Americans applaud the Cleveland Indians' name change but say it's not enough - Cleveland's Major League Baseball team announced that it will drop its 'Indians' nickname — in place for more than a century — in order to 'unify our community.'

Indians' all-time best pitching seasons | Cleveland Indians - Cleveland has had a long history of great pitching.

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