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Members of the 2016 Indians are vacationing together in Napa and my heart can’t take it

Further proof that the 2016 Indians are, in fact, the best

Yan Gomes, Instagram

Sorry to interrupt the constant stream of important and very real Mike Clevinger trade rumors, but I bring you something equally important: Former members of the Cleveland Indians are vacationing together in Napa, California.

More specifically, a large part of the core that carried the Indians to the 2016 World Series are vacationing together in Napa, California. And coincidentally, it’s all members of the core that are no longer with the team.

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Napa with the fellas

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In total, thanks to Yan Gomes’ Instagram, we know that Bryan Shaw, Cody Allen, Corey Kluber, Lonnie Chisenhall, Andrew Miller, and Michael Brantley are all having a good time while I’m sitting at my computer trying not to cry grown man tears.

Yep, everyone was invited to the get-away. Well, almost everyone ...