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Indians appear to be bringing back “script I” logo in limited capacity

Still nothing on the sleeves and no alternate logo, but the clubhouse hat is taken care of

Ben Axelrod, Twitter

The Indians still do not have an official alternate logo or any kind of logo on their sleeves for the 2020 season, but at least know what hat they’ll be wearing to post-game pressers and in the clubhouse.

According to multiple beat writers, the Indians will be bringing back the “script I” logo for clubhouse hats, but they won’t be used on the field.

The script I was previously used on from 2002 to 2010 — first with a dark grey outline, and starting in 2008 with a bright white outline — before the block C and Chief Wahoo took over completely in 2011.

They don’t appear to be pushing the logo much further than this, however. A quick glance at the Indians team shop reveals that it’s nowhere else besides front-and-center in the cap section. So make of that what you will.