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Terry Francona says the Indians aren’t cheating, and he better be right

“I only know what happens with the Indians. I know we obey the rules.”

Cleveland Indians v Detroit Tigers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In light of Major League Baseball bursting into flames around us, manager Terry Francona offered a bit of hope for Indians fans: He’s certain they’re not cheating.

Obviously the Astros and Red Sox are not the only team using electronics to steal signs, but so far there are no solid leads on who else it might be. Back in October, Bleacher Report ran a story that claimed “a source” thought the Indians might be one of the teams doing it. They very well could be — we don’t know.

But speaking at a celebrity golf tournament in Orlando, the Indians skipper didn’t exactly mince words:

I only know what happens with the Indians. I know we obey the rules. I don’t like when everybody lumps us together. Like, ‘Hey, everybody is doing it.’ You have to be careful when you say something like that.

AJ Hinch had a lot of similar comments in recent years, where he vehemently denied that his team would do such a thing as cheating. We know now that they definitely were, and that Hinch knew about it. He comes off looking like a pompous liar instead of the innocent bystander he tried to be in his first statement following his suspension and dismissal from the Astros.

By coming out so strongly and so quickly after the damning of the Astros, Tito puts himself in a very similar situation. I hope for his sake — and for all of our sake — he’s telling the truth.

At the very least we can confirm that Lonnie Chisenhall never wore a buzzer.