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N&N: Mike Clevinger named AL Pitcher of the Month

Morning N&N

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

If not for LGFT Evan Marshall throwing a predictably bad pitch, the Indians would have gotten blown out by the hapless White Sox last night. Also!:

• Ryan Flaherty made his Indians debut last night. Yep. In the middle of a playoff race. You’re right to think that this will not be much of a race for long.

• This will shock you, but the Indians did nothing against the pitcher with the 6.92 ERA, hitting only 2 baseballs harder than 100mph in 6.2 innings against him.

Tribe News

• The determiners have determined that Mike Clevinger was the best American League pitcher in the month of August.

• Danny Salazar has had enough of baseballing in the year 2019. I’d like to think “I’m leaving the team” was answered with “You were on the team?”

Around baseball

• The White Sox called up some bad baseball players

• An Oriole could win a batting title

• Players are still hitting so many home runs that home runs are commonplace

• Yep, this happened

Some good things don’t stay good; some do