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Stuff happens, Indians lose

Glad to help the Nationals I suppose

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Nats needed a win for home field advantage in the NL Wild Card game. The Indians were happy to oblige as Washington tattooed Cleveland in the second inning for 9 runs, putting the game well out of reach.

Hahahahaha Matt Underwood is going into his post-game speech just before Jordan Luplow comes to bat thinking the game is over. We’re all checked out at this point. Luplow then went on to hit a home run, making Underwood seem even sillier than normal.

Oh, and Reyes did this today:

Sure would’ve been useful yesterday, huh? Probably not, who knows. His home run was the Tribe’s 221st of the season, which was a franchise record until Jordan Luplow hit his second home run of the game in the ninth and set a new record. I await the parade.

Will Plutko be in the rotation next season? Based on today, no. He’s been pretty serviceable this season but 9 runs before the second inning is over isn’t a good “final audition”, as the Twitterverse was calling it.

The Nats have a shaky bullpen and that allowed the Tribe to get back into it a bit, but a win was not to be.

Baby Shark is burned into my brain for all eternity now.