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Indians fold for second time in one day, sadness ensues.

Oh no.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Cleveland Indians
A David Richard photo feels fitting.
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

You knew it was going to be a bad day when the Indians decided to ruin Bryan's (aka @NachoHelmet) trip before the game even started:

Bryan eventually got new tickets (at inflated StubHub prices), but maybe the Cleveland FO was actually trying to save him some frustration as the Tribe dropped the second game of the double header today by a score of 9-5, effectively ending any hopes the Indians had at winning the division and maybe the wild card as well. The on-field performance is one thing, but to have a front office treat a dedicated fan so poorly online is inexcusable. Sorry, NachoHelmet. You deserved better than this.

Oh right, the game. Well the Indians actually got to the Minnesota bullpen, unlike in the first game where they did basically nothing. Unfortunately, the Tribe bullpen ran into the buzzsaw that is the Twins lineup and carnage ensued.

The game featured five home runs; three from Minnesota and two from Cleveland. Unfortunately, every Minnesota home run came with men on base, including the backbreaking grand slam by Miguel Sano in the eighth. I blame Matt Underwood for since he talked a lot in the first game about how the Tribe had shut Sano down all year long. I guess he gets the last laugh on this one.

On positives, Oscar Mercado continued his hot streak, adding three more hits on the day that included a two-run home run in the 4th to give the Tribe a 5-2 lead. But just like when the Indians had a division lead for 47 minutes a few weeks ago, the lead was quickly gone thanks to dingers from the Twins.

This recap is a bit rambly and a bit irritated, and for that I apologize. But it's so deflating to see the team we all follow and cheer for just fall completely flat time and time again. Maybe this season was snake bitten from the start and we're all just holding out naive hope of some Disney-inspired miracle in the eleventh hour. But no miracle is coming. There's still a mathematical chance that the Tribe makes it to October, but even if they do, it's shaping up to be a short trip. I hope I'm wrong.

Also, let there be #JusticeForHelmetNacho: