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Forget baseball, let’s celebrate National Dog Day

The Indians have a day off, so instead of thinking about José Ramírez’s broken hand, here are some pictures of cute baseball dogs.

This is my puppy, Sandy, soon after we got her a little over two years ago. She is clearly a baseball dog.

In lieu of baseball analysis on a slow off-day for the Tribe, I’m opting to share pictures of baseball dogs that Let’s Go Tribe followers shared after I asked for pictures of baseball dogs.

I have no further context or reason for doing this. Please don’t make me think about José Ramírez’s injury anymore.

We start with a collection of current and former Indians players, all of whom I assume have functioning hamate bones and certainly nothing broken.

It do be like that.

This furry boye in what I assume is an Indians shirsey is everything.

Dear Indians, have a bark in the park sometime soon. Sincerely, the world.

Jokes on you, adorable pupper, the balls are so juiced you’ll never find it anyway.


Good pup.

I just want to see him go on rousing adventure wearing an Indians scarf. Is that so much to ask?

His face is probably how atIndians felt when Noah Syndergaard dunked on them.


Justice should have been named after Albert Belle. He would absolutely flattent Fernando Viña, I have no doubt.


Let’s Go Tribe staff dogs are also good dogs: