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Indians lose rainy game with dreary offense

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Tyler Naquin can’t carry the whole team, guys

MLB: Cleveland Indians at New York Mets Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Noah Syndergaard hit a 100.8 mph flyout off Aaron Civale tonight. That was harder than all but four of the balls the Indians put in play prior to the rain delay, if you’re wondering how things went for the Tribe in their last night stuck in the Big Apple.

It might not have been entirely their fault — the strikezone seemed to heavily favor Syndergaard, who certainly didn’t need it as he carried a perfect game through five innings. Tyler Naquin would break up the perfect game bid, and preserve Felix Hernandez’s 2012 perfecto as the last thrown in the big leagues.

Naquin’s killer came on a pitch that no pitcher should ever throw against him — a knee-high changeup. It goes back to pitchers refusing, or not being able to, attack his weakness of high fastballs. But whatever, I’ll take it. The Indians needed whatever break they could get to stop Syndergaard from trampling them. A little rain didn’t hurt either.

The caveman rules of National League baseball might have prevented the Indians from rallying in the sixth inning, as well. Instead of a real batter coming up with a runner on first and one out, Aaron Civale was forced to do something he almost never does against someone who mows down humans as a profession.

The the Indi-


Nope, they still lost.

Naquin showed off his big swingin’ hose, though.