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Trevor Bauer upset after disaster inning, chucks ball over center field wall

Trevor Bauer went full petulant child when things turned south in an important game against the Royals

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Kansas City Royals Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor Bauer had a relatively bad afternoon punctuated by a disaster of a fifth inning that ended in him leaving the game, and by all accounts, throwing a big dang hissy fit.

Being that this is a game played in a major-league ballpark, it was captured by multiple angles. None of them paint a good picture for Bauer.

There’s a lot to take in here. First, the raw footage.

As you can tell, Trevor isn’t happy. Here’s another view that shows the ball rocketing over the head of Oscar Mercado, who earlier in the inning lost a ball in the sun that started the whole kerfuffle.

Poor Mike Freeman thought he was about to die, and Francisco Lindor couldn’t believe what he just witnessed.

Tito wasn’t happy with Trevor, as you’d expect.

There were reports that Trevor came into this game fighting a cold that kept him out of most team activities over the last two days, and by all accounts he should have been out of the game well before the total implosion happened. Even at his best, it was a tall order asking him to get out of the bases loaded situation he found himself in, and he failed to shut it down himself by overrunning a dribbler hit right to him.

Trevor had every right to be upset. With himself, with his teammates, with that good-for-nothing baseball. But chucking a baseball as your manager is on his way to take you out of the game is blatantly not a good idea. Not to mention, what if the ball slipped and hit Mercado, who obviously wasn’t expecting his pitcher to long toss a ball to oblivion?

There’s obviously no word yet on what, if any, disciplinary actions will be taken, but surely the Indians can’t just let that happen without something. He might not have technically broken any MLB rules, but he sure as hell broke some team protocol.

Whether or not this is Trevor Bauer’s last game in Cleveland, this little episode is going to be a lasting image on his strange tenure with the Indians.