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N&N: WTF, baseball?

Morning News and Notes for July 24, 2019

Cleveland Indians v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

What was that, Mr. Tuesday?

We’ll start with this: Interspersed between facts about a dude’s smartphone reviews vlog, a baseball game broke out on YouTube last night. It was an absolutely wretched baseball game, but the teams were supposedly two from the “Major Leagues.”

The “third team” on the field, the umpires, were led by a home plate standee that had a strike zone the size of a tarpaulin. This tarpaulin was slightly smaller when the Cleveland Indians were pitching. There was a “fourth team” as well, but they were not on the field. Fear not, however! They were just as bad as the other 3! I am talking, of course, about the trio of dudes up in the broadcast booth. We miss you, Matt and Rick, said sportsblog Let’s Go Tribe™, for the first time ever.

This eyesore was won by the home Toronto Blue Jays, by a score of 2 to 1. Cleveland’s team chained together a series of terrible ABs against a starting pitcher who somehow had 14 losses on July 23rd. It was a better day for the rest of the sport.

Rest of the sport

If you thought the Indians’ flaws were clear as day on Tuesday, hooooooooooboy do you need to check out the Twins. They handed an 8-2 lead to Kyle Gibson and a team of relievers, and, well, you know where this sentence is going... they lost 14-12 to the Yankees. Because NY relievers refused to stop walking people, it took a truly spectacular catch by Let’s Go Former Twin™ Aaron Hicks to seal the W.

• Oh yeah, Trea Turner hit for the cycle.

• And Mike Trout threw a dude out at the plate ...

• ... and hit another homer ...

• ... which is something Robinson Cano did 3 times against Jon Morosi’s Padre sources.

You’re not done scrolling yet

• The Rockies now have Yonder Alonso ...

• ... and might be willing to trade Fan Of Cleveland Charlie Blackmon.

• LGFT Hanley Ramirez had shoulder surgery.

Links that (relative to all this other stuff) don’t deserve sentences