Kristin's SABR Covention Diary

In my last fan post I mentioned I was going to the 2019 SABR Convention. Well LGTers, here is my report:
  • DAY ONE (6/26) When I got to the hotel from my house in San Diego I received a tote bag. In the bag was my name tag. It had my name (Kristin Johnson) & city (San Diego, CA). Because this the first time, the was a " first time attendee" sticker on my name tag. I also got 2 books. One book was the official.program. The 2nd was the "National Pastime" book. Because I signed up for the all inclusive package, I got vouchers for the Awards Luncheon & Continental Breakfast. I also got a ticket for the Friday's Cadiinals/Padres game. I bought a t-shirt. I attended the welcome reception. i met some attendees that came from South Dakota, Quebec & New Zealand!
  • DAY TWO (6/27) My day starts with attending the business meeting. Vince Gemnaro announnces he is stepping down after 10 years as SABR president. Mark Amour is the new prez. Padres asst GM Josh Stein officially opens the covention. He talks about how the team got Fernado Tatis Jr.. The rest of my day I attended various panels & resarch presentations. The first panel was on the 1984 Padres. The second one was Women in Baseball. The research prentations I attended were on "Trader" Jack McKeon, Foul tip Impacts on catcher's masks, 19th century women in baseball & why girls cease participation in baseball. I wanted to see the Moe Berg doc, but I need to get home and get some sleep.
  • DAY THREE (6/28) The first 2 research presentations I attended were about the PCL Padres. Actually, the PCL Padres were the Tribe's AAA team from 1949-51 & 1957-59. Yes Luke Easter, Al Rosen, Rocky Calavito & Minnie Minioso played in San Diego. Then guest speaker Del Matthews who works for MLB talks about increasing diversity in youth participation in baseball (& softball). Yes Del's father is Gary Sr & brother is Gary Jr. Then I attended the awards luncheon. After the luncheon I went to the vendors rooms to check out some books. I did not buy any though. I also checked out the research posters. Then I attended the Baseball Encyclopedia 50th Anniversary Panel.. John Thorn who is MLB's official historian (when Jerome Holtzman died) was the moderator. Before I attended the game, I had dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory. Then I went to the game. Former Kent Stare great Eric Lauer was pitching for the Pads. However LGFT Andrew Miller nor Francisco Mejia appeared in the game.
  • DAY FOUR The last research presentations I attended were about the time between pitches were the cause of long games and when John McGraw was part owner of the NY Giants in the 1920's. The last panel I attended was on early California baseball history. I did not attend the trivia contest because I did not sign up for it. I went home early because I was tired and hungry.
While I was at the convention. I took a lot of pictures with my mini I Pad. Here is the photo galleries by day.
By the way next years convention will be in Baltimore from July 15-19, 2020. It is worth the money to attend this? YES IT IS WORTH IT AND THEN SOME!!!

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