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The Cleveland Indians lost this baseball game against the Mariners by a score of 10-0

On the other hand, the Pokemon Go gym at the stadium was really active today you guys.

Seattle Mariners v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images


That happened.

The Indians lost 10-0 today against the Mariners. The best thing I can say about today’s game is that it was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon. People were eating ice cream and stuff, you guys.

Ice cream.

Today’s game in a nutshell

Yes, Plawecki came in to pitch in the top of the ninth inning, and it was easily the most exciting part of the game. The crowd got on its feet and cheered for him, something no other Indians player managed to do today. He even broke a dude’s bat.

The only Cleveland Indian to earn a hit today was José Ramírez. He doubled down the right field line and added a single later on. He also walked.

Bits to Tribe Dits

  • Tyler Naquin lost a ball in the sun. Or it might be more accurate to say that he never really found it to begin with. I had a pretty good view of him trying to pick it out of the sky, but it came directly out of the sun on him. I felt bad. He felt bad. I don’t think he had a fun game today.
  • The Mariners hit three home runs today, and that’s the 12th time they’ve racked up that many dingers this season.
  • The Indians got an out thanks to a rundown two different times today, both between second and third. One of them was an assist from Naquin to nail Haniger. The other — well, I’m not even sure what happened. Plawecki stood up after a strikeout and looked toward third, ready to go around the horn. And then, I guess the runner was wandering too far from second? I’m actually curious what happened because we didn’t get a replay in the stadium and I was folding a pizza at the time.
  • The pizza was good but it gave me terrible heartburn. Fortunately, the in-stadium clinic has generic Tums. I should have gotten an ice cream cone, you guys.

What’s next?

The Indians take on the White Sox tomorrow night. It’s one of those weird 6:05 p.m. starts. Let’s synchronize our watches and meet back here then.