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Indians conjure more late magic, defeat Mariners 5-4

Carlos Santana should not pay for a drink tonight. Or ever. But definitely not tonight.

Seattle Mariners v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Terry Francona referred to the game as “A weird outing” for Carlos Carrasco, and that’s a fair assessment. Carrasco didn’t earn the win but drove the Indians to a winning position by allowing *checks notes* four home runs in 7.2 IP.

Wait, what?

All four home runs were solo. All four were mistakes. Is it normal for every mistake to be punished?

In life, yes. In baseball, no, but that’s how it went for the Tribe tonight.

Still, a two-run shot from Carlos Santana in the bottom of the 8th put the Tribe on top by one to steal another close game from the Mariners.

Also: I’m sorry. Paying close attention to the last two games seems to have short-circuited my normal recapping capabilities. I’d like to jump straight to a baserunning “error”.


I HAVE DIVERGENT THOUGHTS about Frankie’s running in the bottom of the fifth.

1. Fuck.

2. Well, the thing is, the fact that he managed to run that much is good.

1. But he’s got a hurt leg.

2. Yeah but his brain said HE COULD SCORE and it sent Health Frankie and that’s not his fault.

1. Okay but what if his leg exploded

2. Can legs explode?

1. No not sliding into a plate but honestly isn’t everything we love about Frankie the reason that he decided to go for it and give the Indians an extra advantage?

2. I mean, yeah, sure, fine, but he’s still gimpy and I don’t want him to go on the IL for like two months.

1. Dude but if legs could just explode if you touched them the wrong way or something wouldn’t that be wild? I mean imagine Brandon Guyer’s career and how many replacement legs he would need

2. That’s not a thing. That’s not a thing at all.

1. You’re right.

2. And seriously we can’t be mad at him because he knew he should be able to score there but his brain forgot about his leg and so he went for it and it was still close.

1. He kinda grabbed at his leg after, maybe part of it expl—

2. NO.

Francisco Lindor’s leg did not explode

Which is good. The real key here is that Lindor singled to open the bottom of the 8th inning. DId he have a gimpy leg? Maybe? Probably? Kinda? Nobody knows, but whatever the quality of Lindor’s leg happened to be, he got ON BASE. While on base, he watched Leonys Martin and Jose Ramirez become outs.

Then, Carlos Santana came to the plate.

LGFT Jason Lukehart (is it appropriate to refer to writers that have moved along as LGFT? If it isn’t it should be and yes Jason is entitled to write here whenever he would like but still you know what I mean right?) may or may not have provided the essential analysis that tied up this game:

We don’t have to see it happen, Jason. We just need to accept when it occurs. Praise be Lando Carlossian, and may his return to our lands become more glorious as the seasons pass.

Tribe Tidbits

  1. I think it is important to point out that Jensen Lewis looked like he thought the Fox Sports team would be headed to the South Pole tonight.
  2. Jake Bauers slapped a couple of hits tonight. He scored a run and happened to be an RBI. Thanks, Jake. Thake.
  3. Lindor had a good game, even if he made that mistake at home. And, like I said, I don’t think it was really a mistake.
  4. Jose Ramirez got caught trying to steal third, and while I’m sad that he’s pressing to try and make up for his slow start, I’m kind of glad that he is, if that makes sense.


The Indians take on the Mariners once more tomorrow and may pull off the season series sweep.