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Boston manages to out-Indians the Indians

Morning News and Notes

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Boston Red Sox Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

If last night’s Cleveland-Boston game was your first time watching baseball, you have some surprises coming your way when you watch more games in the future.

First of all, you’ll usually be watching guys fill time in a studio if it rains that much at a ballpark. Second basemen can usually catch baseballs and tag other humans. Mookie Betts usually catches balls that land in his mitt. Rookie starting pitchers don’t usually succeed at Fenway. Nick Wittgren usually gets outs. Boston usually pays for relievers who can get outs. Managers usually pinch hit for their RHH who can’t hit RHP when the opponent has no LHP in the bullpen. Managers usually don’t have their #2 and #4 hitters bunt. Managers usually don’t bunt at a 1982 rate in 2019. Games usually end approximately 3 hours after they begin.

The good news is that nobody got injured on the wet field (that we know of), that rookie pitcher was ours, and all that bunting did not cost us a win.

Around baseball

• Derek Dietrich hit 3 home runs against the Pirates, giving him 17 on the season.

• The Rays have a new all-time attendance low. No Yandy means no fans.

• Everything the Twins do turns to gold in 2019.

• We now have video of OP’s shoe issue.