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Adam Plutko and Tribe walloped by Rays

Bad night

Tampa Bay Rays v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Indians, after losing Thursday evening, are 25-24 on the year. This seems about right. An average team. Some great performances so far this year, mixed with plenty of stinkers. Add in a weak schedule, for the most part, and you’ve got one game above .500.

Luckily, there’s lots of baseball left.

As for that Thursday night 7-2 loss to the Rays, well it was ugly. Let’s rundown the major trouble spots.

Adam Plutko was not good

Look, Plutko isn’t an ace or even a really good Major League starter. He’s not over-powering and doesn’t have flashy stuff. Even with that in mind, Plutko was bad against the Rays.

Final line for Plutko: 5 13 innings, 12 hits allowed, 4 homers allowed, 7 earned runs.

But hey, he didn’t walk a batter!

The Rays hit three of those homers in the first two innings. The fourth homer came later, in the sixth, and was extra painful because . . .

Oscar Mercado got hurt

Plutko served up an 84 mph hanging/floating/juicy changeup to Kevin Kiermaier, who looped it into the gap in left-center. Mercado and Leonys Martin both dove for the ball and ended up colliding with each other. It was plenty awkward and Mercado got the worst of it. They both stayed in the game initially, but Mercado was replaced in the bottom of the inning. The Tribe is calling it a right hip contusion.

Lastly . . .

Ryan Yarbrough faces Tribe offense and easily lowers his 8.10 ERA

Yarbrough was sent to the minors after 16 23 innings of struggles. He was recalled just in-time to face the Indians and spin a gem, allowing just four hits and two runs in 7 1/3 innings. It’s possible that Yarbrough figured it out in Triple-A Durham, but yeah ummm that Indians lineup is a real “just what the doctor ordered” kinda thing.

Let’s move on, Friday is a great matchup

It’s Blake Snell vs Shane Bieber Friday evening at Progressive Field and is giving me something positive to look forward to.