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Jason Kipnis homers twice, drives in six in Tribe’s big win over Orioles

Two homers are better than one

Baltimore Orioles v Cleveland Indians Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images

Let’s just imagine I told you Trevor Bauer gave up seven runs in just five innings. Bad news, Tribe loses, right?

Most of the time, especially with the 2019 Indians offense, you’d be right. But this weekend we play the Orioles, so all bets are off!

The Tribe feasted on Baltimore’s pitching Thursday night, racking up 14 runs on 14 hits to defeat the O’s 14-7. It wasn’t entirely pretty, but hey it wasn’t boring, and of course it’s a win!

Bauer had a lousy night, giving up those seven earned runs, in what was by far his worst start so far this year (hopefully of the entire season!). He dealt with command issues, falling behind often and walking four, and gave up two home runs.

While Bauer struggled, the offense was shining. The Indians were led by Jason Kipnis, who smashed two home runs and drove in six. Whether it was a rolled-up magazine or something else that got Kipnis going, it sure was a good sight to see the second baseman making pitcher pay and smashing home runs into the right field stands. Kipnis homered in the first and fourth innings, and also was involved in a crazy bad Orioles defensive play that helped sealed away the victory for the good guys.

Instead of me typing it out, here’s the rundown in the game thread from famous LGT member V-Mart Shopper:

It was amazing. Slow chopper by kipnis to the 2nd baseman. Lindor stayed in place waiting for the throw, to avoid the tag-and-throw-to-first double play and give the runner time to cross home plate, let the guy from second advance to third. (Obviously if he throws to first right away, Lindor could be in a rundown after that but then they have to keep the runner at third).

Guy runs at Lindor who’s crouching like a ninja not moving. Keeps running at him. Realizes Kipnis is getting close to first, Fires to first a few feet away from Lindor, Kipnis sneaks in safely to first. Then Davis starts chasing Lindor toward second. Running after him. I can’t reach! But wait, the guy from second has rounded third and headed home! Davis pivots and throws it home, and in slides the runner safely! Then they throw to second but Lindor is into second safely, easily.

Bad news Orioles

Other Fun Game Notes

  • AJ Cole followed Bauer and pitched 1 13 innings of scoreless relief to earn the win.
  • Carlos Gonzalez racked up three hits from the cleanup spot.
  • The weather is finally warm in Cleveland! Let’s hope from some good crowds the rest of this weekend series!